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BOOK COVERThe first Freshplan Book, Stop Failing and Start Losing Weight! How to lose weight and keep it off for life!

Carl Harris battled with weight and health for years. Then following a serious health scare decided to turn his life around, for good! He has lost four stone in weight and leads a healthy and happy life.

The Freshplan Mindset and The Freshplan PELOS Diet makes losing weight and keeping it off easy! Personal Energy Levels are directly linked to good health and well-being.  The Freshplan will keep your energy levels high and your weight low. Carl Harris says;

“You know what, losing weight is actually really easy when you get the mindset right. A few simple changes is all it takes and the difference you will experience will astound you! I failed at losing weight for 20 years+ I got addicted to Diet Cola, Sugar and I was actually poisoning myself. Losing weight, taking control and having high energy is life changing. If I can do, believe me, anyone can!”

This book has the power to change your life! If you want to lose weight then read this book!

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Sugar is really bad for you! We are eating it at toxic levels. There is no question that sugar is addictive and food manufacturers know this!

Manufactured food is no longer concerned with health and nutritional benefits but taste and getting you hooked on it. They use sugar to that. Sugar is even in cigarettes. 15% of a fag is sugar!

This is a short book that will shock you, the gap between how much sugar you should eat and how much sugar you do eat is more than likely at toxic levels. Sugar is a pure white and deadly powder than is making you ill and can kill you!


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